Digital X-Rays In Idaho


Welcome to Rigby Pediatric Dental! We know that some parents worry about their children’s first dental visits. That’s why we take our time to get to know every one of our patients and answer any questions they may have. We want you and your child to feel comfortable and at ease during your visit. You can be sure that we will provide gentle, compassionate care for your child. We want them to have a positive experience at our office so they will continue to visit us throughout their life. We stay on the cutting edge of modern dentistry and use the latest technology at our Idaho facility, including, for example, digital x-rays.

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Digital X-Rays For Quality Dentistry

Digital x-rays are the new standard for dentistry, and we are proud to offer them in our practice. Rigby Pediatric Dental includes digital x-rays to understand your dental structure thoroughly.

Many patients may have some reservations about getting x-rays. When it comes to parents and their kids, we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe. You can rest assured that digital x-ray technology is entirely safe. It requires less radiation than traditional methods. Less radiation is why digital x-rays are a safer option – they reduce the amount of radiation exposure by up to 90%. 


What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays are standard procedures during routine examinations and dental cleaning. Digital x-rays follow a very similar process to traditional x-rays. A small sensor is placed inside the patient’s mouth that will connect with a camera for a picture of your teeth. As the sensor moves throughout the mouth, we will take individual close-ups and a complete x-ray of the mouth. 


What are the Advantages of Digital X-Rays?

The x-ray process is quick and easy and will show up immediately on the screen for the hygienist and dentist to evaluate. Digital x-rays help our team thoroughly assess every tooth, tooth root, and surrounding tissue, including the jawbone. With digital x-rays, we can immediately determine if there are any dental issues. 

Digital x-ray images are also more precise than traditional x-ray images and ensure we get all critical details. With digital x-rays, our team can catch even the most minor issues early to prevent more significant problems. 

And digital x-rays can easily be stored and managed with your dental record. For example, if we need to forward digital x-rays to a specialist, this is easy to do using email and other modern technology.


Digital X-Rays in Rigby, Idaho

Here at Rigby Pediatric Dental, we are excited to include digital x-rays in our comprehensive, state-of-the-art dental service. If you are in the Rigby, Idaho, area, visit us today so that we can help you gain your most confident smile yet! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have so that you can have a complete understanding of our recommendations. 

We prioritize patient safety at Rigby Pediatric Dental, so you can be confident that by choosing digital x-ray imaging, you are making a safe choice! Digital x-rays help Dr. Bingham, and his team evaluate your dental structure with precise, accurate detail. The detailed, in-depth display allows us to accurately determine any dental issues, for example, infection or tooth decay. The sooner we can see a problem, the easier it will be to fix it, so digital x-rays can help you save time and money in the long run. And digital x-ray technology also speeds up the process significantly and produces images of much greater clarity which allows us to provide a much more accurate diagnosis.

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